spyod rgyud

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charyatantra/ tantra of conduct [RB]

Upa tantra [RY]

Charya; engagement tantra, tantra as engagement; Performance Tantra, Charya tantra, one of rgyud sde bzhi. performance tantra. Charya Tantra [RY]

Charya-tantra [RY]

performance tantra [RY]

performance tantra, caryayoga, upayoga, Upayoga Tantra, tantras concerned with ritual and meditation practice, caryayoga, 1 of phyi rgyud sde gsum [JV]

upa/ charya tantra [IW]


In the Kagyu tradition, this class of tantra is frequently described as working with both external conduct and internal samadhi meditation. In this case, to translate it as performance tantra seems either uninformative or misleading, and conduct tantra seems preferable. DKC