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heart essence [RY]

heart nectar [JV]

1) Awakened/Enlightened Heart Essence, Awakened/Enlightened Heart Nectar, Awakened/Enlightened Heart Extract, Awakened/Enlightened Heart Elixir, Awakened/Enlightened Heart Quintessence; 2) Heart Essence, Heart Nectar, Heart Extract, Heart Elixir, Heart Quintessence; 3) Awakened/Enlightened Mind Essence, Awakened/Enlightened Mind Nectar, Awakened/Enlightened Mind Extract, Awakened/Enlightened Mind Elixir, Awakened/Enlightened Mind Quintessence; 4) Mind Essence, Mind Nectar, Mind Extract, Mind Elixir, Mind Quintessence. The honorific form is used here which in this context indicates the heart or mind of an enlightened being, buddha or deity, hence 'Awakened/Enlightened' as a qualifier is possible here. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]