rnam 'phrul bcu gnyis

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twelve manifestations (of Padmasambhava) [RB]

twelve manifestations (of Padmasambhava - as appearing in the bla ma'i thugs sgrub bar chad kun sel revealed by gter chen mchog gyur gling pa) These are: rig 'dzin rgyal ba'i gdung 'dzin, rig 'dzin smra ba'i seng ge, rig 'dzin skyes mchog tshul bzang, rig 'dzin bdud kyi gshed chen, rig 'dzin 'dzam gling rgyan mchog, rig 'dzin padma 'byung gnas, rig 'dzin khyad par 'phags pa, rig 'dzin rdzu 'phrul mthu chen, rig 'dzin rdo rje drag rtsal, rig 'dzin skal ldan 'dren mdzad, rig 'dzin raksha thod phreng, rig 'dzin bde chen rgyal po. [tsd]

the twelve manifestations (of Padmasambhava) RY

the 12 emanations/ avatars (of Vishnu) IW

Twelve manifestations (of Padmasambhava) RY

12 manifestations of Padmasambhava RWB