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malevolent influence; demon, demonic / negative force, harmful / evil spirit / influence, madness. 'don; demon/ certainty; a demon RY

evil spirits RY

issue, utter, evil spirit, demon causing disease, certainty, surety, possessed by, 360 demons, expel. See also: 'don pa, negative spirits, negative energies, ghost, evil spirit, demon. See also: 'byung po'i gdon, smyo byed kyi gdon, brjed byed kyi gdon, gza' yi gdon, klu'i gdon, provocations of energy in the sense of disturbances tied to the individual's psychoenergetic dimension, refers both to the classes of beings that cause disturbances and the disturbances themselves which are, doubting, and imply the process of the formation of doubt as well; negative provocations, provocations of negative energy, energy-provocations. JV

evil spirits; nad gdon - disease and evil spirits RY

demon, negative force, harmful spirit, madness, [see 'don ]. IW

malevolent influence RB

'don. A negative force; a type of evil spirit RY

1) evil spirits, evil ghosts, evil demons, evil devils, evil forces, evil influences, evil energies, evil provocations, evil disturbances, evil attacks; 2) disease-causing spirits, disease-causing ghosts, disease-causing demons, disease-causing devils, disease-causing forces, disease-causing influences, disease-causing energies, disease causing provocations, disease-causing disturbances, disease-causing attacks; 3) negative spirits, negative ghosts, negative demons, negative devils, negative forces, negative influences, negative energies, negative provocations, negative disturbances, negative attacks; 4) malevolent spirits, malevolent ghosts, malevolent demons, malevolent devils, malevolent forces, malevolent influences, malevolent energies, malevolent provocations, malevolent disturbances, malevolent attacks; 5) toxic spirits, toxic ghosts, toxic demons, toxic devils, toxic forces, toxic influences, toxic energies, toxic provocations, toxic disturbances, toxic attacks; 6) demonic spirits, demonic ghosts, demonic devils, demonic forces, demonic influences, demonic energies, demonic provocations, demonic disturbances, demonic attacks; 7) harmful spirits, harmful ghosts, harmful demons, harmful devils, harmful forces, harmful influences, harmful energies, harmful provocations, harmful disturbances, harmful attacks; 8) noxious spirits, noxious ghosts, noxious demons, noxious devils, noxious forces, noxious influences, noxious energies, noxious provocations, noxious disturbances, noxious attacks; 9) parasitic spirits, parasitic ghosts, parasitic demons, parasitic devils, parasitic forces, parasitic influences, parasitic energies, parasitic provocations, parasitic disturbances, parasitic attacks; 10) vampiric spirits, vampiric ghosts, vampiric demons, vampiric devils, vampiric forces, vampiric influences, vampiric energies, vampiric provocations, vampiric disturbances, vampiric attacks; 11) virulent spirits, virulent ghosts, virulent demons, virulent devils, virulent forces, virulent influences, virulent energies, virulent provocations, virulent disturbances, virulent attacks; 12) pestilent spirits, pestilent ghosts, pestilent demons, pestilent devils, pestilent forces, pestilent influences, pestilent energies, pestilent provocations, pestilent disturbances, pestilent attacks; 13) contaminating spirits, contaminating ghosts, contaminating demons, contaminating devils, contaminating forces, contaminating influences, contaminating energies, contaminating provocations, contaminating disturbances, contaminating attacks. Erick Tsiknopoulos