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Dentig, in Domey [RY]

dan tig [large region in mtso sngon great region in hva lung rdzong grub pa by Lang Darma glang dar ma after bstan pa bsnubs pa. bod kyi mkhas pa mi gsum having fled to mdo smad here remained a long time. mkhas pa gsum las bla chen dgongs pa rab gsal bsnyen par rdzogs, bla chen gyis U Tsang gi mi bcu la pratimoksha vow rgyun spel ba la brten bstan pa at the time of the later spreading bstan pa'i me ro mdo khams smad nas gsos zhes pa'i grags pa don dang ldan pa de arose from this place dan tig, in the si tu'i bka' 'gyur dkar chag as in SK dantig written] [IW]

dan tig [IW]