bla che dgongs pa rab gsal

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the great lama Gongpa Rabsel [IW]

the great lama Gongpa Rabsel [in the 1st fire rabbit yar yos yan gyi 75 years, the water mouse year 'pha yul zhogs par born in, from the time he was small mdo khams da tig tu byon, at the time the rabjung was established khenpo gtsang rab gsal and, master gyo dge 'byung after both these names he was called "dge ba rab gsal." Later from his great mind he was known as known as "dgongs pa rab gsal." At 22, in the earth tiger year, three pevious kenpos and masters and the Chinese monk ge wang dang gyi ban gnyis kha skong byas te bsnyen par rdzogs. According to the tradition of Buton na the later spread of the teachings gyi mgo de nas tshugs pa yin, in his 27th year klu mes sogs 10 men of U Tsang la bsnyen rdzogs kyi sdom pa phog. These, returning to U Tsang, according to the tradition of the teacher 'brom ston, the later spread of the teachings gyi mgo then began it is maintained. These teachings arising from me ro smad, such vinaya teachings by widely inreasing are known as the 'dul ba smad lugs tradition [IW]