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go rams pa bsod nams seng ge

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Short Biography

A famous Sakya master who lived from 1429 -1489 AD. He was the of author of a vast collection of commentaries on sutra and tantra and is venerated by all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. He instituted the formal study of logic in the Sakya tradition. He founded the Thupten Namgyal Ling monastery in Tanag.

  • Gorampa Sönam Senge, Sakya master: 1429-1489 [RY]

Literary Works

See Writings of Gorampa


  • Freedom from Extremes: Gorampa's "Distinguishing the Views" and the Polemics of Emptiness (Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism); Go-rams-pa Bsod-nams-seṅ-ge, José Ignacio Cabezón, Lobsang Dargyay (google books)

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Other Reference Sources

  • The Two Truths Debate: Tsongkhapa and Gorampa on the Middle Way
  • Removal of Wrong Views: A General Synopsis of the "Introduction to the Middleway" and Analysis of the Difficult Points of each of its Subjects
  • The IBA Web-site

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