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Looks Like Me image of Padmasambhava previously located at the main temple of Samye

Padmasambhava (pad ma 'byung gnas). 'Lotus-born.' Same as Guru Rinpoche. Padmakara and Padmasambhava are interchangeable in Tibetan literature, sometimes the Tibetan translation Pema Jungney is used in Tibetan literature, sometimes the Sanskrit.

From Lamrim Yeshe Nyingpo root text, opening verses:

"The essence of all the buddhas of the three times, the supreme sovereign of all power-wielding vidyadharas, the all-encompassing lord of the ocean of peaceful and wrathful yidams (yi dam), the chief of the gatherings of all the dakas and dakinis, the great being who by his splendor outshines all the vajra protectors of the Dharma and the haughty forces of appearance and existence, is the one renowned throughout the infinite realms of the teachers of the Three Kayas as Mahaguru Padmasambhava." RY

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Jamgon Kongtrul's medium length biography of Padmasambhava from the Precious Garland of Lapis Lazuli, a collection of life stories of the 108 main tertons.