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Lochen Rinchen Sangpo (lo chen rin chen bzang po) is regarded as the first translator of the New Mantra Schools. [RY]

Lochen Rinchen Sangpo was born in 958, amidst portentous signs, in a small hamlet called Radni, situated in present Tibetan territory beyond the Shipki pass, which separated Kinnaur and Spiti from the province of Guge to their east. From his birth he displayed uncommon qualities that soon led him to master the Buddhist scriptures.

In the later development of Buddhism, the great translator Lochen Rinchen Sangpo (958-1056 A.D.) with all his effort revived Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine. He travelled to Kashmir and received medical teachings such as Ashtanga Samhita (Tib: Yan-lag brGyad-pa'i sNying-po bsdus-pa; Eng: Condensation of the Essences of Eight Branches) and its commentary, Dhaser (Moonlight) and the veterinary text Shali Hotra from the great Pandit Chandra Ananda, which later he translated into Tibetan. His work enhanced the development of Buddhism as well as medicine in Tibet.

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  • Buddha's Mountain Desert, The Secret Tibetan Heritage in the Himalayas (by Aglaja Stirn and Peter van Ham on the Western Himalayas). Includes "The history of the Great translator Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo" plus an interview with his 19th re-incarnation, the Venerable Lochen Tulku.