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Pacifying (zhi byed).

Shijey / The zhi byed teachings were brought to Tibet by Dam pa sang rgyas, a siddha who visited Tibet several times around the 12th century and introduced the gCod teachings. His disciple, sKyo ston bSod nams bla ma, founded the Father lineage of gCod which followed the Sutrayana teachings according to Aryadeva; Ma gcig Slab sgron, a great female siddha, founded the Mother lineage, based on Prajnaparamita. Zhi byed emphasizes teachings suited to the individual's consciousness rather than adhering to specific texts. gCod teachings continue within other schools, especially rNying ma and bKa' rgyud. RY

  • Padampa Sangye (pha dam pa sangs rgyas, d.1117?), the great Indian siddha who came five times to Tibet and introduced there the lineage called "pacification" (zhi byed), referring to the pacification of the suffering endured in samsara. See Aziz (1980). [MR-ShabkarNotes]

Phadampa Sangye (pha dam pa sangs rgyas) A great Indian siddha who visited Tibet five times, the last time in 1098, where he taught the Shije system. His chief Tibetan disciple was the yogini Machik Labdron. RY

One of the Eight Chariots of the Practice Lineage