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'chi ba 'od gsal gyi semsthe frame of mind which is the luminosity of death
'chi bar sems pa'i chos canthe dharmin the mind of death [among the six kinds of arhats [R]
'chi ka'i sems tha malast conscious moment at the verge of death
'chi med pad 'byungthe deathless Lotus-born One
bco semsthe primary mind
'chi 'pho ba'i semsthe dying's frame of mind
'chi sems gsumthe frames of mind when dying
'chi semsthe mind at the moment of death
chog pa byungis enough, sufficient
chos 'byung1) religious history, Dharma history; book on the history, origin of religion. 2) 'source of dharmas', double triangles, double triangle design
chos 'byungchos kyi 'byung gnas source of phenomena/ dharmodaya/ tetrahedron
chos byunghistory of Buddhism
chos 'byung lo rgyusreligious history
chos 'byung ma thangLower Triangular Plain, at Labchi
chos 'byung me tog snying po sbrang rtsi'i bcuda history of Buddhism and its development in Tibet in the royal dynastic period; by mnga' bdag nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer
chos 'byung me tog snying po sbrang rtsi'i bcuda history of Buddhism and its development in Tibet in the royal dynastic period; by mnga' bdag nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer (1124-1192)
chos 'byung mkhas pa'i sga' stonthe Dharma history, the Feast for the Learned Ones; n of text
chos 'byung mthing nagn of text
chos 'byung ngo mtshar rgya mtshon of text
chos 'byung rin po che'i gter mdzod thub bstan gsal bar byed pa'i nyi 'odIlluminating Sunlight, a Dharma History by Longchen Rabjam 1308-1363/4. Two volumes. The author quotes his name as being Gyalsey Tukchok Tsal (rgyal sras thugs mchog rtsal)
chos 'byungsource of phenomena
chos kun gyi rtsa ba rang semsyour own mind, the root of all phenomena
bcud kyi sems canthe contents of sentient beings [in the universal vessel], everybody born in khams gsum
chos kyi 'byung gnasdharmodaya/ tetrahedronal source of phenomena
chos kyi 'byung gnasthe source of dharmas, chö-jung diagram
bcu gcig dge sems kun gyi 'khor du 'byung bacraving, inclination, recollection, contemplation and discriminative awareness, the eleven positive functions of every positive attitude
chos las byung baresulting from Dharma practice
chos nyid kyi semsintrinsic mind
chos nyid kyis thob pa don dam sems bskyedintrinsically obtained ultimate bodhichitta
chos rmad du byung ba'i sdeone of gsung rab yan lag bcu gnyis; see rmad du byung ba'i sde
chos sems 'dres par byin gyis rlobsGrant your blessing that our minds and the Dharma may become one
chos semsintention to practice the Dharma, piety, religiosity
chos sems med paatheistic, godless
bdag dam tshig sems dpa'oneself as the samaya sattva
bdag dang bdag 'dra las ngan sems can rnamsme and those with evil karma like me,
chos sku rang byung gi ye shesself-existing wakefulness of dharmakaya
chos thams cad 'byung ba med par bstan pa'i mdoThe Sutra that Demonstrates the Nonorigination of all Things
chos thams cad sems tsam moall phenomena are mind only
chu bo'i rgyun lta bu'i sems bskyedthe resolve that is like the steady flow of a river
bdag gi la brnab sems pato crave for one's own [f ex status]
chu'i nang na gnas pa'i sems canaquatic creature
chu rgyun lta bu'i sems bskyedriver-like resolve [bodhichitta]
cig car 'byung basimultaneous arising
dag pa byed pa'i byang chub sems dpa'bodhisattvas who are in the course of purification
dag snang ye shes drva ba las gnas lugs rang byung gi rgyud rdo rje'i snying poa systematic presentation of the teachings of the rdzogs chen approach of rnying ma pa Buddhism revealed by bdud 'joms gling pa and edited by bdud 'joms 'jigs bral ye shes rdo rje
da lta'i sems nyidyour present mind
dam tshig sems dpa'Samaya being, (dam tshig pa). The deity visualized by oneself
dam tshig sems dpa'samaya being; [expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 62]
dam tshig sems dpa'samaya being, samaya sattva; being of commitment. samaya/ commitment aspect of a deity
dang ba'i semspure intention