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'chi 'pho ba dang skye ba rig paknowledge of death, transmigration and birth
'chi 'pho dang skye ba rig paknowledge of death, transmigration and birth
chos dbyings spros bral rig pa'i gzhal yas khangthe celestial palace of dharmadhatu awareness, free from conceptions, the dharmadhatu palace unfabricated awareness
chos kyi don so so yang dag par rig par byed pato correctly discriminate the nature of things
chos kyi sku yongs su rdzogs pa so so yang dag par rig pacorrect discrimination of the dharmakaya in its entirety
chos nyid kyi rig paintrinsic awareness
chos so so rang gis rig paindividual discrimination of phenomena
chos so so yang dag par rig padiscriminating knowledge of the Dharma
da lta'i rig pa skad chig mapresent moment of awareness
da lta'i rig pathe present awareness
bdag nyid gcig pa'i ma rig paIgnorance of single identity. One of the three types of ignorance
bdag nyid gcig pa'i ma rig pasingle nature ignorance; ignorance of single identity
bdag nyid gcig pu'i ma rig paignorance of single identity, the ignorance of individual selfhood
bdag nyis gcig pa'i ma rig pasingle nature ignorance
dga' rogs sgrig pato be in love
dkrig pato make overcast, gather clouds, pile up; dkrig pa, dkrigs pa, dkrig pa, dkrigs trans. v.; dkrigs pa, dkrig pa, dkrigs. - 1) to gather. 2) arrange. 3) pile up. 4) line up. 5) make overcast; ft. of dkrig pa
dngos med nang rig pa'i semsthe inconcrete internal perceiving mind
dngos po phyi snang ba'i yul dngos med nang rig pa'i semsthe concrete / material external perceived objects and the inconcrete / immaterial internal perceiving mind
dngos stobs kyi rig pa/ rigs pa; knowledge through the power of things themselves, of fact, fx. fire is hot. Abbr. of dngos po stobs zhugs kyi rigs pa, factual reasoning, the reasoning of the power of fact
dngos stobs kyi zhugs pa'i rig pareasoning by the power of fact. It's different from exaggeration or denigration. Reasoning according to the way things are gnas tshul There are two aspects of this reasoning, kun rdzob and don dam When both aspects are understood, one has dngos stobs kyi zhugs pa'i rigs pa For example, a kun rdzob quality of a white teacup is its white color. If one sees the teacup as white, that is dngos stobs If one has jaundice, one would see it as yellow which is not true. That's not dngos stobs it's not due to the teacup, it's due to a fault from one's own side. Similarly, if one is in an open place and sees a huge amount of smoke, one can infer there is a fire even though one cannot see the fire. That is dngos stobs kyi rjes dpag
'dod pa dang gzugs kyi rig pa 'dzin pathe awareness-holder of the desire and form realms
'dod pa'i rig pa 'dzin pa phal pathe common awareness-holder of the desire realm
'dod pa'i rig pa 'dzin pathe awareness-holder in the Desire Realm
don so so yang dag par rig pacorrect discrimination of objects, meaning
drang srong gi nad 'chos pa'i sman dpyad gso ba rig pa rin chen sna bduna treatise on the principles of Tibetan medicine and medical treatment
e rig pa'i 'byung gnasE Rigpai Jungne, in E Yul
gnyis snang nub pa'i tshul gyis rig pacognition in a nondual way [ggd]
'grig pa'grig pa, 'grigs pa, 'grig pa intr. v.; to suit, agree, correspond, be right, adequate, sufficient, suitable, appropriate, proper; acceptable
gris sgrig pato prepare, get ready
gsal la ma 'gags pa rang gis rang rig pa'i shes pa sing nge baaware, unconfined and lucid wakefulness that knows itself by itself
gsal shing rig pacognizant and conscious, clarity and awareness; to be clear and aware [characteristics of ordinary mind]
gsal zhing rig pabeing luminous and cognitive, clear and knowing
gso ba rig pa'i skorsection in Tengyur: the major Indic treatises and commentaries on ayurvedic medicine translated into Tibetan
gso ba rig pathe [study of.] medicine, science of healing
gtan tshigs rig pascience of logic, dialectics, art of reasoning, rig gnas lnga
gung sgrig pato compare
gzhi'i rig pathe fundamental awareness
gzhir gnas kyi rig paAwareness which abides as the ground
ka dag gi rig paprimordially pure awareness
kha 'grig paof the same opinion
'khor ba'i rtsa ba ma rig paignorance, the root-cause of samsara
'khrig pa1) copulation, sexual intercourse, coitus, paring. 2) to cohabit, couple. 3) to lead a depraved life. 4) to be clouded [of the sky]
'khrig pa 'byin pato talk smut
'khrig pa'i khyimthe mansion of Gemini, third [fifth] of skar khyim bcu gnyis
'khrig pa'i rtsa bacause of a trouble or fight
'khrig pamaking love
'khru 'phrig padoubt, apprehension
khu 'phrig paSyn khu 'phrig za ba
kun brtags kyi ma rig paconceptual ignorance
kun brtags kyi ma rig paconceptual ignorance. In Vajrayana, conceptual ignorance is the mind apprehending itself as subject and object; conceptual thinking. In the Sutra system, conceptual ignorance means superimposed or 'learned' wrong views; gross general beliefs that obscure the nature of things