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Collection Information
Collection name
Enter a name for this collection. It can be the name of a translation project, a publication, etc.
Make this collection private
Check the following box if you would like to keep this collection to your user page, as opposed to listing it on each included term's own page.
Yes, make this collection private.
Collection description
Write here a description for this collection if applicable. If it is part of a translation project or team, describe it all here as appropriate. You can include links to outside websites if applicable.
If you would like to "tag" someone as a collaborator in this collection, add this person here.
Connected terms
Add any terms that are directly relevant or connected to this project. In other words, any term already existing in the wiki that you would like to add to this collection. If you want to add an existing term to this collection, but would like to customize it's english equivalencies, add it under Custom entries below.
Custom entries
If you would like to add terms to this collection that don't have pages on this wiki, first consider creating a page for them here. Otherwise, enter equivalencies here one by one.