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Uddiyana, Odiyana; u rgyan. 1) Uddiyana, the country. The country to the north-west of ancient India where Guru Rinpoche was born on a lotus flower. The literal meaning of Uddiyana is 'vehicle of flying' or 'going above and far.' 2) The master from Uddiyana, Padmasambhava. See also 'Orgyen' which is a corruption of the Indian word [RY]

u iy na [epithet of Padmakara] [IW]

Oddiyana rgya gar nub phyogs o rgyan mkha' 'gro ma'i yul To the west of India lies Oddiyana, the land of the dakinis [RY]

country of odiyana, SA or rgyan, Oddiyana, Uddiyana [JV]

Orgyen [RY]

U iy na * Padmasambhava [IW]

1) Oḍḍiyāna (the place/country); 2) Oḍḍiyāna (epithet for Padmasambhava). Sometimes spelled Uḍḍiyāna [Erick Tsiknopoulos)