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aspiration, supplication, wish, prayer *, good wishes, aspiration, prayed, vow [IW]

smon pa'i byang chub kyi sems the bodhichitta of aspiration. one of the phar phyin bcu the ten paramitas. aspiration, wish, prayer, good wishes, resolve, vow, verse / lines of aspiration, bodhisattva's aspirations, good wishes, prayed, praying festival, resolve, the verse of aspiration, wishes for the future; pranidhana; aspiration (prayer) [RY]

pranidhana, aspiration, prayer, vow, commitment, resolution, good wishes, 1 of 10 stobs bcu, meditation, supplication, expression of noble aspiration, aspiration prayer, invocation, aspiration vow [JV]

Aspiration prayers [RY]

aspiration, prayer [thd]

aspiration (prayer) [RB]