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female cow; a cow; 1) common appended particle as the second part of a word. 2) indicator of the person, agent. 3) cow [RY]

1) 15th consonant; 2) noun making particle; 3) prefix/ suffix letter; 4) common 2nd part of a word [R]; 5) male personifying/ agent particle [R] (6) cow [R] (7) intermediate state (8) past tense [ng ' r l] [IW]

1) 15th consonant; 2) noun making particle; 3) prefix/ suffix letter; 4) common 2nd part of a word; 5) male personifying/ agent particle; 6) cow; 7) intermediate state; 8) past tense [IW]

ox, cow, bull, affix, SA pa, folio side b as in 189-95b [JV]

/ (6) cow [= 'jo ma dang, drus ma, nu rgyas ma, ba mo, 'bab byed lus ldan, zho srung byed, bzhon ma, 'o 'phel, 'o ma 'ching, yongs 'jo ma [IW]

1) 15th consonant; 2) noun making particle; 3) prefix/suffix letter; 4) common second part of a word ['chi ba, rgyal ba]; 5) male personifying/agent particle [shing bzo ba, lha sa ba] (6) cow [R] (7) intermediate state) [IW]

(med) Cow, Bos taurus (Phrin Las 1987). ba sha / 'o ma / chu, Cow meat, milk, urine. ba dmar zal gyi lci ba, Dung from red cow. ba ser mo'i mkhris pa, Gall from yellow cow. ba gsar lci ba, Gall (?) from young cow. ba gang rung gi 'o ma / mcher pa / khrag / lci ba sar ma lhung ba, Cowmilk, spleen, blood, dung not yet fallen onto the earth (Phrin Las 1987).
Like most domestic animals, Bos taurus (domestic cow) is currently found throughout much of the world. The wild ancestors of cows were native to northern Africa, Europe, and southern Asia.
Zebu cattle, which originated in India, are sometimes known as a separate species, Bos indicus. However, current taxonomy recognizes zebu cattle as only a type of Bos taurus. Zebu cattle are characterized by a hump over the shoulder, drooping ears, and large dewlaps. They are well-adapted to arid, tropical climates and are especially resistant to the effects of heat, parasitic insects, and ticks ( Johannes Schmidt (talk) 21:46, 29 November 2021 (UTC)