bdud rtsi snying po yan lag brgyad pa gsang ba man ngag gi rgyud

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the Tantra of the Oral Instructions of the 8 Limbs of the Essence of Amrita [IW]

the Tantra of the Oral Instructions of the Eight Limbs of the Essence of Amrita [the bdud rtsi snying po, dpe dang dgos pa, [the text/example and its import?] the meaning expressed in 8 limbs, a secret oral instruction tantra, teaching the name or title that expresses the expressing symbols ces rjod byed kyi mtshan bstan pa ste, the glorious four medical tantras' dpe dang dgos pa [the text/example? and its import?] brjod bya rjod byed sogs [depending on expressed and expresser] imputed mtshan zhig. [symbolic title]? [IW]