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sems 'dzin - focusing of the mind, fixing the mind / attention, concentration, focused attention; fixation of mind, Semdzin (a series of meditation exercises in Dzogchen); fixation [RY]

grim lhod ran pa - balanced concentration, balance of tight and loose [IW]

grim lhod ran pa - balanced concentration [RY]

dgongs pa gtang - meditative concentration of mind [IW]

dgongs pa gtad - meditative concentration of mind, was thinking of focusing (his attention (H, direct one's concentration [IW]

dgongs pa gtad - concentration of mind [RY]

dgongs pa gtad - meditative concentration of mind, concentration of mind [JV]

dgongs pa gtad pa - meditative concentration of mind, was thinking of focusing (his attention (H, direct one's concentration [IW]

dgongs pa gtad pa - meditative concentration of mind, was thinking of; to focus [his] attention (h), the concentration of his mind, to direct one's concentration [RY]

mgal me'i 'khor lo lta bu'i ting 'dzin - the concentration 'like the wheel of a fire brand' [RY]

rgyun mtha' - continuous concentration [JV]

rgyu'i snyoms 'jug - causal meditative concentration [RY]

sgra mthar thar pa ster ba'i bsam gtan - concentration/ dhyana bestowing liberation at the end of sound [IW]

sgra mthar thar pa ster ba'i bsam gtan - concentration, bestowing liberation at the end of the sound [RY]

sgra gnas kyi bsam gtan - concentration of abiding in sound, dhyana of abiding in sound [RY]

sgrim cha - tightness; concentration, fixed attention [RY]

sgrim pa - hold fast, force or twist together, endeavour, squeeze in, crowd in, spin, wring, stretching, to remain vigilant, to contract, SA tshigs sbyong lnga, concentration, tightening, focus [JV]

bsgom pa - meditation, attentive concentration, concentrated attention, imagine, make it a living experience, accustom oneself to, cultivation, contemplation, approach to meditation, meditation practice [JV]

gcig sdud - concentration [RY]

nyer bsdogs - access concentration, threshold concentration [JV]

nyer bsdogs kyi khyad par - the special access concentration [IW]

gnyid rmugs - sleepy; x {ha cang sdud che na gnyid rmugs la sogs pa'i skyon kyang 'jug pa yin} too much concentration also makes you sleepy [RY]

mnyam pa - concentration, integration, harmonization, self-identification, identical with itself, be equal to, sameness, the same, state of sameness, (can indicate that it's not some particular kind of being but rather something is what it is), like, alike, even, level, flat, absolute equality, equality, all the same [JV]

mnyam bzhag - immediate experience, knowledge by experience into which no concepts enter, transcending awareness of mystic, illumination, to continue in the state, composure, concentration, non-conceptual primordial awareness, period of contemplation, knowledge through immediate experience, concentrative composure, hand gesture of meditative equanimity, settle into naturalness, meditative equipoise, absorption, naturalness, contemplative equipoise, sessions of practice, (for males, back of right hand on left palm with thumbs touching), state of even contemplation, equipoise, evenly composed, equanimity, evenness, remain in the equanimity of contemplation, to settle in the state of the equanimity of contemplation, hands in meditation gesture, remain in contemplation [JV]

mnyams bzhag - state of concentration, SA mnyam bzhag [JV]

snyoms 'jug - samapatti, 1) absorption. meditative absorption. composure, union; equilibrium, meditative concentration, engagement in evenness', [state of balance, equipoise]. {snyoms par 'jug pa}. 2) to establish equilibrium, remain absorbed [RY]

snyoms 'jug gi bsam gtan - meditational cause or concentration [JV]

snyoms 'jug sgrib pa - fog enveloping the attainments, incapacity of the mind to function properly with regard to the successful attainment of meditative concentration [JV]

snyoms par 'jug pa - 1) equilibrium, [meditative] absorption/ concentration, composure, samapatti; 2) establish equilibrium, remain absorbed; 3) union [IW]

ting nge 'dzin - samadhi. 'Adhering to the continuity of evenness.' A state of undistracted concentration or meditative absorption which in the context of Vajrayana can refer to either the development stage or the completion stage [RY]

ting nge 'dzin gyi stobs - power of concentration, {stobs lnga} [RY]

ting nge 'dzin gyi dbang po - faculty of concentration, {dbang po lnga} [RY]

theg chen gyi bsam gtan - Mahayana concentration. one of the {'jig rten las 'das pa'i bsam gtan gnyis} [RY]

theg chen gyi bsam gtan gsum - the three concentrations of Mahayana, 1) {sgyu ma lta bu'i ting nge 'dzin}. 2) {dpa' bar 'gro ba'i ting nge 'dzin} 3) {rdo rje lta bu'i ting nge 'dzin} [RY]

mtshan bcas kyi bsam gtan - concentration with object [RY]

mtshan med kyi bsam gtan - concentration without object [RY]