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Dharma (chos). 'Dharma' (generally, and with a capitalized 'D') is the Buddha's teachings; 'dharma' (with a small 'd') refers to all phenomena including mental objects. With the small 'd' this refers to particulars of both these form and formless universes. Although technically this is supposed to be the case, many times the context is intermingled between the two. To be aware of the context you're referring to and/or relating to is of utmost importance. RWB

Dharma - The teaching of the Buddha; also a term for truth or reality, or the elements of experience. [Tarthang]

Dharma (chos) the Teaching of the Buddha; the truth, the true law; individual things, elements, or phenomena are all referred to as dharmas. RY

Dharma (chos). 1. dharmas are elementary constituent events into which the world is broken down, what we see as the Person of Self being no more than a collection of dharmas, without ultimate reality. In the higher schools of Buddhist philosophy it is shown that dharmas themselves have no ultimate existence: their Suchness, or true nature, is to be Empty (or pure) of true existence. 2. The Dharma that is one of the Three Jewels of Refuge (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) is the realizations and abandonments in the mind of a buddha. 3. 'The Dharma' frequently means the Doctrine of the Buddha, Truth, what is right. RY

Dharma (chos). 'Dharma' is the Buddha's teachings; 'dharma' means phenomena or mental objects. RY

Dharma (chos). See also 84,000 Dharma sections, Dharma of Statement and Realization, Dharma Wheels; 84,000 entrances; banquet of; doors; ripening and liberating; establishing in Tibet; qualities; guardians; in relation to the Three Jewels; in relation to the Three Roots; of lesser vehicles; three classes of protectors.; refuge precepts; sixty aspects of sound; two aspects and six qualities of RY

Dharma (chos). The Buddha's teachings. Sometimes 'dharma' can mean phenomena or mental objects, as well as attributes or qualities. RY

Dharma {chos}. This term can mean many different things. Here it indicates the teachings of the Buddha. RY