gling phran brgyad

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8 subcontinents [Mount Meru kyi mtsams bzhir chad pa'i lus dang lus 'phags, rnga yab dang rnga yab gzhan, gyo ldan dang lam mchog 'gro, sgra mi snyan dang sgra mi snyan gyi zla [IW]

eight islands (lus, lus 'phags, rnga yab, rnga yab zhan, g.yo ldan, lam mchog 'dro, sgra mi snyan, sgra mi snyan gyi zla) [JV]

Eight subcontinents. Smaller continents surrounding Mount Sumeru in pairs flanking each of the four continents: Deha and Videha, Chamara and Upachamara, Shatha and Uttara mantrina, Kurava and Kaurava [RY]

the eight subcontinents. see gling bzhi pa'i jig rten gyi khams for enumeration [RY]

8 subcontinents [IW]