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1) To comprehend completely or correctly. 2) To bring into reality; make real.

grub pa gcig pu - single realization [JV]

grub par gyur pa rtogs pa - accomplished realization [IW]

grum - meditative realization, pinch off, SA 'grum pa [JV]

dge 'dun nyi shu'i spangs rtogs - the abandonment and realization of the 20 types of practitioner [RY]

dgong pa - misspelling of {dgongs pa} mind/ motive, intention/ realization; intention, viewpoint, consider, mind [RY]

dgongs - 1) to think, to consider (h). 2) n. insight, reflection, intention, consideration, understanding, vision, thought, mind, wisdom, realization, reflect, understand, intend, give thought, care for, thought, regarding. 3) realized, knew. 4) died [RY]

dgongs rgyan - mind ornament, adornment of realization; embellishment of realization [RY]

dgongs mngon 'gyur - realization of the state [JV]

dgongs nyams - attain realization, h. visionary experience; h. visionary experience; attain realization [RY]

dgongs nyams - attain realization,[h] visionary experience [IW]

dgongs pa - 1) (tha dad pa [h]. think, consider, reflect, consider[ation], concentrate on, give thought to, wish, thought, idea; 2) mind [h]; 2) essential essence of thinking, intention, mean for, intend to be, [deepest] sense/ meaning; 3) leave of absence, day off nad dgongs zhu ba,...dgongs pa khrol ba,...dgongs pa rtsa yang,...dgongs pa rang zhu, ring las khungs su yong mi dgos pa'i dgongs pa zhu ba; 4) realization, insight, vision, meditation, (enlightened [wisdom] [mind], understand[ing], cognizance, know[ing]; 5) care for, feel, regard; 6) decide; 7) great necessity; 8) implication, implicative, intimation; 9) deep experience/ structure, primordial condition [IW]

dgongs pa - spiritual horizon, vision, primordial state, deep experience, realization, primordial condition, deepest sense, deep structure, intentionality, Mind, intention, state, mind, consideration, thought, opinion, view, to contemplate, intend, think, reflect, meditate, consider, permission, thought, fundamental principles, method of knowledge, principle of knowledge, Mind, true state, enlightened intent, intent, state of knowledge, state of realization [JV]

dgongs pa - intent, realization [thd]

dgongs pa - {dgongs pa, dgongs pa, dgongs pa, dgongs} trans. v. . (h) Of {bsam pa}. 1) mind, frame of mind, attitude, intention, thought, consideration, viewpoint, idea. 2) [to emphasize the honorific] enlightened intent, wisdom mind, realization, insight, vision, wisdom, meditation, deep experience. 3) to think, consider, concentrate upon, reflect, understand, give thought to, care for, feel, regard, realize, know, decide, intend. 4) meaning, intent, implication, understanding, cognizance, necessity, intimation, interpretation; {kyi dgongs pa} enlightened intent behind. 5) implicative, meant for, intended to be. 6) deepest sense, primordial condition, deep structure [RY]

dgongs pa gcig dril - unified realization [RY]

dgongs pa rnam dag - pure realization [RY]

dgongs pa dbyings su skyol ba - to bring the state of realization to embrace basic space [RY]

dgongs pa dbyings su skyol zhig - bring your realization to encompass dharmadhatu! RY

dgongs pa zang thal - Gongpa Sangtal. A tantric scripture in five volumes concealed by Guru Rinpoche and revealed by Rigdzin Gödem, the master who founded the Jangter tradition of the Nyingma school. Contains the renowned 'Aspiration of Samantabhadra.' Gongpa Sangtal means 'Unimpeded realization,' and is an abbreviation of 'Showing Directly the Realization of Samantabhadra' (kun tu bzang po'i dgongs pa zang thal du bstan pa) [RY]

dgongs pa'i klong - expanse of realization [RY]

dgongs pa'i gter mdzod brdol ba - the treasury of his realization overflowed [RY]

dgongs pa'i rtsa chen rdzogs pa - perfect the great power of realization [IW]