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1) taste, flavor, savor; 2) residue, remains, fragments; 3) corpse, dead body; 4) 6; 5) elixir; 6) terminative [IW]

taste; corpse [RB]

1) taste, flavor, savor. Syn lce'i yul. 2) residue. 3) corpse, dead body. 4) elixir [RY]

grazing lands, taste, flavor, savour, residue, remains, sediment, (physical, dead, -) body, beasts, corpse [JV]

1) taste, flavor, savour; 2) residue; 3) corpse, dead body; 4) 6; 5) elixir; 6) terminitive [after RA] [IW]

1) taste, flavor, savour = lce'i yul; 2) residue; 3) corpse, dead body; 4) 6; 5) elixir (6) terminitive after RA [Tserig] lce la brten nas ro la dmigs pa,//ro mngar mo,//ro skyur mo,,//mi ro,//rta ro,// = mthar gyur dang, dbugs bral, srog bral phung po; six [ro la mngar ba dang, skyur ba, kha ba, bska ba, tsha ba, lan tshva ba bcas drug yod pas grangs drug mtshon] ;snying po bton zin pa'am bed med du gyur pa'i dngos po,//zas kyi snyigs ro,//khang pa'i gyang ro,//sa ro,//rdo ro,//2.Ra mthar sbyar rgyu slar bsdu'i phrad cig] [IW]