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The Tibetan word shedra (bshad grwa) literally means a 'centre for teaching'. In traditional monastic centres, the shedra is the school where monks and nuns study the most important buddhist scriptures based on the explanations of their teacher, or Khenpo. This study centre is often seen as a counterpart to the retreat centre, or drupdra, where monks undertake long-term retreats. The shedra and the Drubdra are two of the most vital parts of a monastery, centres of excellence preserving the living lineage of the Dharma through the twin pursuits of study and practice.

At the heart of the Tibetan educational tradition is the lineage of teachers. These teachers assume leadership roles from generation to generation, one generation taking responsibility for teaching the key texts to the next, transmitting the central doctrines, and exemplifying the important accomplishments attained from taking the wisdom of the lineage teachers to heart. For some centuries, this lineage of wisdom has become institutionalized in the Tibetan academy, referred to as the "shedra."

Shedra Schools for International Students[edit]

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