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1) the six defilements; 2) six faults abandoned by shravakas [IW]

1) the six defilements [dri chen - dri chu, mig skyag rna spabs, mchil ma, snabs]; 2) six faults abandoned by shravakas [nga rgyal, ma dad pa, don gnyer med pa, rnam par g.yeng ba, rmugs pa, sems skyo ba] Or [feeling superior to one's teacher, lack of regard for teacher and dharma, neglect of religious observances chos la don gnyer med/ mind wandering in external objects sems phyi yul la rnam par g.yeng concentrating attention on the five senses dbang po'i sgo lnga nang du sdud pa tiring of long religious observance chos yun ring drags pa kyis skko ba chn] [IW]

the six stains [RY]

the six stains [when listening to teachings] [RY]

the six stains; nga rgyal dang ni ma dad dang, don du gnyer ba med nyid dang, phyi rol rnam g.yengs nang du sdud, skyo ba nyan pa'i dri ma yin pride, lack of faith, lack of effort, outward distraction, inward tension, discouragement; these are the six stains [RY]

6 sorts of defilement [JV]