Marpa Kagyu

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Marpa Kagyu
The Marpa Kagyu lineage (smar pa) was established by Marpa Drubthob Sherab Senge (smar pa grub thob shes rab seng ge, no dates). Famous masters of the Marpa Kagyu were Gyalwa Yanggönpa (rgyal ba yang dgon ye shes rgyal mtshan), Nal Rinchen Lingpa (rnal rin chen gling pa), and Mar Khenchen (smar khan chen ’od zer bla ma).

"Marpa Kagyu" is also used synonymously for the various Kagyu lineages that evolved out of the body of teachings that Marpa the Translator brought from India to Tibet. It does not necessarily refer only to this small sub sect which can more precisely be refered to as Martsang Kagyu.