Vajra Body

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Vajra Body - See rdo rje'i lus [RY]

rdo rje gsang ba gsum - three vajra-secrets. The three vajra-secrets refer to Vajra Body, Vajra Speech, and Vajra Mind. [CNR] [RY

gsang ba gsum - Three mysteries, three secrets. The Vajra Body, Speech and Mind [RY]

sku rdo rje - vajra body; [expl., Light of Wisdom, Vol. 2, page 136] [RY]

sku rdo rje - vajra body, the vajra of body, {rdo rje gsum}; form/ body vajra [RY]

sku gsung thugs kyi gsang ba - Mysteries of body, speech and mind. The vajra body, speech and mind [RY]

sku gsung thugs rdo rje - the vajra body, speech and mind [RY]

sku gsung thugs mi zad pa rgyan gyi 'khor lo - Inexhaustible adornment wheel of Body, Speech and Mind. Same as vajra body, speech, and mind [RY]