'bar ba

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radiance, luminescent, catch fire, become ignited, blaze, glare, burn with wrath, blossom, become notorious, burst into bloom, shining with, to blaze forth [JV]

1) blazing, shining, glowing, resplendent, flaming, radiant, ablaze, burning, brilliantly radiant. 2) to blaze, shine, glow, flame, be ablaze, burn, catch fire, shine, flare up; 'bar ba, 'bar ba, 'bar ba intr. v [RY]

1) glow; 2) blaz[ing]; 3) flare up; 4) burn; 5) spread like fire; 6) scold [IW]

sparkling rin po che rab tu 'bar ba sparkling with brilliant jewels [RY]

to be alight [RY]

to blaze/ burn; blazing; (to be) brilliantly radiant/ resplendent - [one of the nine moods of dance (form)] [RB]