'bras bu rdzogs pa chen po

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the great perfection of the fruition, fruitional Mahasandhi [RY]

the fruition the great perfection. [nying ma'i mantra tradition situation in which in which insight-wisdom is free of self-obscuring stains together with their habitual patterns. Since that is the basis of arising of all the kayas and wisdoms, it is complete and perfect and, since its essence is primordially pure, renunciation is perfect and from its luminous nature the powers and so forth, all the qualities of a Victorious one are spontaneous, realization is perfect and, from the union of these two the spontaneous appearances of interdependent arising, arising as the glory of sentient beings are the perfection of buddha activity. since it has the nature of renunciation, realization, and buddha activity, it is "great."] [IW]

the fruition [is] the great perfection [IW]