'dun pa

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1) intention; 2) strong interest; 3) aspiration; 4) hope/ wish/ desire/ yearn[ing]; 5) determination, zeal; 6) inclination; 7); 8) intensity; 9) Tstsdan [IW]

1) intention [As 1 of the yul nges lnga five object determining mental factors; Having perceived desirable things, aspiring awareness supports exertion]; 2) strong interest [as 1 of the four legs of miracle]; 3) aspiration; 4) hope/ wish/ yearn[ing]; 5) determination, zeal (6) inclination (7) (8) intensity (9) desire (10) Tstsdan [one of sh'akya thub pa's nyan thos drug sde] [IW]

'dun pa, 'dun pa, 'dun pa intr. v.; 1) to desire, to wish earnestly, to yearn, 2) Def. by Jamg?ongtr?bsam bya'i dngos po don du gnyer ba,]] intention, as one of the five object-determining mental states. 3) attitude; strong interest, aspiration, wish, determination, inclination, intensity, yearning, zeal, purposeful intent, will, craving; goal, aim; intention, motivation, aspiration, determination, impetus, interest, wish to act, resolve, will, volition, longing, trust, craving, willingness, regard for, planning, goal, scheme, preoccupation [RY]

(purposeful) intent(ion)/ will [RB]

yearning, aspiration, admiration, interest, mibp p.29, (the feeling that something is possible), longing, craving, wish, supplication, courtier, sycophant, flatterer, one who waits upon royalty, hanker after, yearn for, one of the six early disciples of buddha called sadvarga, hope [JV]

Intention DKC


Described in the Treasury as the wish to attain one's aim. DKC