'dus ma byas

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Noncompound. A phenomena that is beyond arising, dwelling and ceasing. unconditioned phenomena [RY]

Uncompounded. A phenomenon that is beyond arising, dwelling and ceasing [RY]

1) unconditioned, unformed, insubstantial, uncompounded; substanceless; non-composite, uncreated, 2) noncomposite phenomenon; noncompounds; non-product. Skt. asamskrita [RY]

non-composite/ unconditioned [IW]

non-composite/ unconditioned [non- compound(s), uncompounded, uncreated, non-product, unformed, insubstantial, substanceless, asamskrita, unformed, insubstantial.uncreated, asamskrita, unconditioned. non-things free from arising, enduring, and cessation] [IW]

simple, elementary, unconditional, absolute, unconditioned, consisting of one thing, embodying wholeness, seamless, uncompounded, uncreated, not compounded, incorporate, uncaused, noncomposite [JV]

uncompounded (of causes and conditions); noncomposite (factor/ phenomenon); isc. unmade [RB]

unconditioned [thd]