'gyur ba

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(to) change/ become; to mean that/ imply [RB]

1) will [be]/ become; 2) change/ develop, changes; 3) tr [IW]

1) will [be]/ become; 2) change/ develop, changes; 3) tr)/ [bka' 'gyur,...Bstan 'gyur,...Snga 'gyur] [arising of something newly, not eternally remaining.] [IW]

changeability, change into, become, turn into, change, alter, change, translate, what comes about, experience, convert, develop, variation, vary, grow, increase, alteration, revolution, vicissitude, (denoter of perfect or future tense), to be translated, to constitute, would, to correspond to, shifting, to turn something into [JV]

'gyur ba, 'gyur ba, 'gyur ba intr. v. . changes, develop, renew, to be, to become, be changed, to be transformed, to become, will be, turn into, transformation, to change, alter. 2) times. 3) reverberations mi 'gyur unchangeable, changeless, unchanging.] (to) change, become; to mean that, imply; -r-'gyur-bas/ nas this means, entails, implies that [RY]