'jig rten mgon po

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Avalokiteshvara, patron or protector of the world, name of a buddha. (JV)

the Lord of the World. the World Honored One Buddha Lokanatha 'jig rten dbang phyug Lokeshvara. protector of the world. (RY)

1) the Lord/ protector of the world; 2) the world honored 1 [buddha lokanatha), Avalokiteshvara] [IW]

1) the Lord/ protector of the world; 2) the world honored 1 [IW]

1143-1217 - Drigung Jigten Gonpo. (RY)

wordly protectors, protective deities of the lowest class, often oath-bound local deities (TSD)

Drigung Father and Son are the senior and the junior incarnates of Drigung Monastery, Drigung Chetsang (che tshang) and Chungtsang (chung tshang). The former was here Drigung Kyabgön Tendzin Padma Gyaltsen ('bri gung skyabs mgon bstan 'dzin pad ma rgyal mtshan, born in 1770), the twenty-seventh hierarch of Drigung and the reincarnation of Jigten Gonpo ('jig rten mgon po, 1143-1217). The latter was the reincarnation of Drigung Rigdzin Chökyi Trakpa ('bri gung chung tshang rig 'dzin chos kyi grags pa, 1597-1659). See Tendzin Pemai Gyaltsen's Account of the Various Masters of the 'bri gung bka' brgyud pa School. About their authority over Lapchi, see LNY and chap.11, pgs. 342-343, note 10 in (MR-ShabkarNotes)