'jug pa

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1) put/ establish/ bring in; 2) do/ practice[!]/ apply[ication]/ function four begin/ undertake to; 5) follow/ accompany/ succession/ proceed; 6) avatar [of Vishnu]; 7) descent; 8) enter[rance]/ set out on/ go into [9 usage; 10) be penetrated; 11) 1 of the 10 non-concurrent formations: instantaneous unfailing unbroken succession of cause and effect; six avatars of Vishnu [IW]

to engage/ enter/ begin/ become involved; to infuse (i.e., with blessings); involvement/ function(ing)/ operation; isc.to merge with/ gain access [RB]

[practical] application [ggd] [RY]

to penetrate [RY]

1) intr. 'jug pa, zhugs pa, 'jug pa, zhugs intr. v.; 2) 'jug pa, bcug pa, gzhug pa, chug trans. v.; to mean, apply to, refer to; name of a text; dbu ma la 'jug pa Madhyamakavatara; to insert, infuse; to engage/ enter/ begin/ become involved; to infuse (i.e. with blessings); involvement/ functioning/ operation; application [as in awakening mind of ...]; descent, entrance, regular sequence, setting out. Syn dbu ma la 'jug pa Syn bya ba 1) usage. 2) establishing [others on the path]. 3) to enter, to place, the going into, to follow, to go or walk in, to enter, to undertake, the entering. 4) manifestation, 5) [gradual] involvement. 6) proceeds [compassion which proceeds to all beings], to proceed, to undertake; starting to function, proceed, act, function, start working, functioning, entering, 'actually entering', application, practice, activity, continuity [of cause and effect]. to be penetrated, Regular sequence, as one of the ten non-concurrent formations; Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: skad cig dang bar chad pa la de mi rung bas rgyu 'bras kyi gnas skabs kyi rgyun bar mi chad par 'byung ba'o; // for ex.: gzhan la gsod 'jug pa - to allow; penetrate, fully comprehend, occur, enter // Entering the Middle Way; Madhyamakavatara [RY]

to operate [ggd] [RY]

process, enter, continue, begin, get involved, precede, engage in, inhale, resurrect, fill in, stuff, perseverance (Bodhicitta), put, slow inhale (direct or indirect), put into, insert, infuse, inject, appoint, constitute, command, permit, suffer, application, slow inhalation, go into, enter, set about, first stage of a disease, fix, manifest, place out, settle, induce, allow, to apply, slow inhalation, SA rlung bsang brgyad, to pursue, to practice [JV]

six avatars of Vishnu (/ [met) nya dang, rus sbal, phag rgod, mi yi seng ge, mi'u thung, mi sdug pa, nag po, dga' byed ra ma [na], rgyas pa ra ma [na], sangs rgyas [ki tra'i rtse] ste khyab 'jug la 'jug pa bcu ] [IW]

application, practice, descent, entrance, regular sequence, setting out on, dbu ma la 'jug pa usage, regular sequence [one of the 10 non-concurrent formations] skad cig dang bar chad pa la de mi rung bas rgyu 'bras kyi gnas skabs kyi rgyun bar mi chad par 'byung ba'o] establish [others on the path], enter, place, go into, follow, go in, walk in, enter, undertake entering, proceed, start to function, act, function, start working, function, enter, actually enter, apply, practice, be penetrated [IW]