'od dpag med

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(Limitless Light) Amitabha; Amitabha, Boundless, Infinite Light [RY]

1) boundless/ infinite light; 2) Amitabha [IW]

1) boundless/ infinite light; 2) Amitabha)/ [lord of Sukhavati Buddha field] [IW]

Amitabha/ Limitless Illumination [RB]

amitabha (west, rgyal ba rigs, yum is gos dkar mo or gos dkar can, sor rtog, padma, gsung, 'du shes, 'dod chags, me, mouth, red), amitabha in sprul sku, immeasurable light, sprul sku of 4th dhyani buddha, Measureless Light [JV]

Amitābha Buddha. Synonymous with 'od dpag tu med pa and snang ba mtha' yas, his other names in Tibetan. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]