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dang དང།

and, as, as well as, off, away, from, together with, with, (connecting, separating), because of, on account of, by reason of, when, as soon as, occasion, opportunity, exhortation, advice, entreaty, (continuative particle at end of clause), meadow, and, SA pa dang, polite verbal imperative, conjunction of *adjectives, with. (JV)

1) five [Sum cu par, gsum pa la ni gnyis pa sbyar, de ni sdud dang 'byed pa &, rgyu mtshan tshe skabs gdams ngag 5] ; 1) Sdud pa la 'jug pa,...Skra dang kha spu,...Gcig dang gnyis,...2) 'Byed pa la 'jug pa,...; 1) Gzhi gcig nas du ma 'byed pa,...Dbang po lnga ni mig dang rna ba dang sna dang lce dang lus so,...2. 'Byed sdud rgyu mtshan tshe skabs gdams ngag gang yang ma yin par bya tshig sogs dang sbyar ba,...Khong dang lhan cig tu sleb pa,...Khyod dang mnyam du 'gro,...Khrims dang 'gal ba,...Khrims tshul bzhin khur na dang, gal srid ma khur na nyes pa yong,...Gong dang mtshungs pa,...Mi dang 'dra ba,...Grogs po dang 'grogs pa,...Dgra dang 'thab pa,...Chu dang gcig me dang gnyis, rlung dang gsum,...Lugs dang mthun pa,...Chu dang thag nye ba,...Nyen kha dang 'phrad pa,...Gnyen dang bral ba,...Pha ma dang 'grogs pa,...Yi ge dang sbrags nas btang ba,...3) Rgyu mtshan la 'jug pa,...Sman zos pa dang nad drag pa,...'Grel bshad zhib gsal byas pa dang don gnad rtogs pa; 4) Tshe skabs la 'jug pa,...Nyi ma shar ba dang phyin pa,...Kho slebs pa dang 'go btsugs pa,...2. Gdams ngag la 'jug pa,...Ltos dang,...Legs par slobs dang,... conj and, moreover (This particle has five uses connecting: [[sdud pa/ distinguishing [['byed pa/ causal [[rgyu mtshan/ time and place [[tshe skabs / and advice or ! gdams ngag- meadow read in a singing or drawling manner] &, [together] w, as soon as, immediately after x polite imperative. skyes nas 'da' ba dang, gong du 'pho ba rnams so. (IW)

+ # - acts to total up a list just mentioned; and. This particle has five uses. connecting sdud pa distinguishing 'byed pa causal rgyu mtshan time and place tshe skabs and advice or imperative gdams ngag meadow, to read in a singing or drawling manner, moreover, with, together with, as soon as, immediately after, polite imperative; + number - an enumeration (1, 2, 3.). (RY)

  • &, [together] w, as soon as, immediately after x polite imperative. (IW)