Bumdrag, Paro

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Bumdrag Sacred Place

Bumdrag ('bum brag gnas) is an important sacred place considered to be a second Tsari (ཙཱ་རི་གཉིས་པ།). Here are the footprints of 100,000 Ḍākinī

In the cliffs to the right of the temple is the wrathful deity Amrita Kundali (bdud rtsi 'khyil ba); to the left a hundred classes of wrathful and peaceful deities, and in the center the dieties of the mandala of Vajra Subjugator (rdo rje rnam 'joms).

The Bumdrag sacred place may be reached by walking uphill from Urgyen Tsemo or Öselgang for about two and a half hours through a pleasant forest. From Bumdrag there is a panoramic view of the entire Paro Valley and the mountains beyond.

One can descend back to Paro via Chochong tse, Rinpung Gonpa, the ruins of Nenying Dzong, Sangchen Chokhor and Kunga Choling.

The stream which flows down from Bumdrag is the source of the Shelkarchu which falls through the ravine next to Paro Taktsang.