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[[rgyu 'bras kyi theg pa]] - [[rgyu dang 'bras bu'i theg pa]] - [[causal and resultant vehicles]]. The teachings of [[Hinayana]] and [[Mahayana]] which regard practices of the path as the causes for attaining/revealing the fruition of liberation and enlightenment and the [[Vajrayana]] system of taking fruition as the path by regarding [[buddhahood]] as inherently present and the path as the act of uncovering the basic state. The great master [[Longchenpa]] defined them as follows: "The [[causal vehicle]]s are so called because of accepting a sequence of [[cause and effect]], asserting that [[buddhahood]] is attained by increasing the qualities of the nature of the [[sugata essence]], which is merely present as a seed, through the circumstance of the [[two accumulations]]. The [[resultant vehicle]]s are so called because of asserting that the basis for purification is the [[sugata essence]] endowed with qualities which are spontaneously present as a natural possession in [[sentient being]]s, just as the sun is endowed with rays of light; that the objects of purification are the temporary [[defilement]]s of the [[eight collections of consciousnesses]] ([[rnam shes tshogs brgyad]]), like the sky being (temporarily) obscured by clouds; and that one realizes the result of purification, the primordially present nature, by means of this which purifies, the [[paths of ripening and liberation]]. Besides this, there is no difference (between the two) in sequence or quality." [RY]
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