Cave in which the Dri Vanished

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the "Cave in which the Dri Vanished"; also called Drira Phuk, the "Cave of the Dri Horn" ('bri rwa phug). When Gyalwa Götsangpa opened the sacred place of Kailash (from 1213 to 1221), he came to the Wild Yak Valley ('brong lung), knowing that the hill overlooking it was the palace of the Thousand Buddhas. As he approached, the Lion-headed Dakini (seng ge dong ma) appeared to him in the form of a female of the wild yak, or Drong Dri ('brong 'dri), and showed him the path to a certain cave. There it vanished into one of the walls, leaving on the rock the visible mark of its horn. Götsangpa meditated for several years in this cave. Above the entrance of it he, too, left his footprint in the rock. [MR] [RY]