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go mi dge bsnyen - Chandragomin [chandra means moon and gomi means the kinsman of gomi] [IW]

go mi dge bsnyen - Chandragomi, "Gomi Genyen" aka, Chandragomi [RY]

go mI'i dge bsnyen - "Gomi Genyen" aka, Chandragomi. Disciple of Sthiramati, famed for his universal knowledge. Chandra means moon and gomi means the kinsman of Gomi [RY]

rmad byung gi slob dpon gnyis - Two Marvelous Masters. Shantideva and Chandragomin [RY]

tsan dra go mi - Chandragomin, the famous Indian grammarian whose works are included in the bstan 'gyur [RY]