Chariot of the Profound View

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see also in The Light of Wisdom, Vol.1, pg.265-6; (ISBN 9627341371) The Traditions of the Two Chariots

These are the systems of (1) Nagarjuna, and (2) Asanga;

According to the system of Nagarjuna, the Chariot of the Profound View, [the precepts are to refrain from the following]:

  • to steal the funds of the Three Jewels;
  • to commit the act of forsaking the Dharma;
  • to punish or cause to lose the precepts and so forth, people who possess or have lapsed from the trainings;
  • to commit the five acts with immediate result;
  • to violate the five definitive precepts for a king, such as keeping wrong views and so forth;
  • to violate the five definitive precepts for a minister, such as destroying a village, valley, city, district, or country;
  • to give premature teachings on emptiness to people who have not trained in Mahayana;
  • to aspire toward the shravakas of the Hinayana after reached the Mahayana;
  • to train in the Mahayana after forsaking the Individual Liberation;
  • to disparage the Hinayana;
  • to praise oneself and disparage others;
  • to be highly hypocritical for the sake of honor and gain;
  • to let a monk receive punishment and be humiliated;
  • to harm others by bribing a king or a minister in order to punish them;
  • to give the food of a renunciant meditator to a reciter of scriptures and thus causing obstacles for the cultivation of shamatha. The eighty subsidiary infractions are to forsake the happiness of another being and so forth.