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"Homage to the Lama and the Great Mother.

In Mahamudra Chod, the enlightened view of the middle turning (of the wheel of Dharma) is presented, coupled with the Mantrayana activities for training in awareness. Through willingly accepting that which (one considers) undesirable, it is a radical means for cutting through the conceitedness of ego-clinging, while disregarding adverse circumstances, realising that god-demons are ones own mind, and understanding that oneself and others are absolutely equal.
Not understanding this, and (instead) uttering HUM HUM PHAT PHAT while (believing to) see enemies in ones own deluded perceptions, behaving in all sorts of outrageous ways while hoping to conquer demons and negative spirits, or to attain fame, reputation or food, must be known as perverted Chod. It is an outrageous deviation of its intent. So, right from the very beginning, direct your minds in the right direction."

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodrö Thaye
in his "lus kyis mchod sbyin gyi zin bris mdor dus kun dga'i skyed tshal"