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'''Eight chariots of the practice lineages''' ([[sgrub brgyud shing rta brgyad]]). Nyingma ([[rnying ma]]), Kadam ([[bka' gdams]]), Sakya ([[sa skya]]), Kagyu ([[bka' brgyud]]), Shangpa Kagyu ([[shangs pa bka' brgyud]]), Shije and Chöd ([[zhi byed]]) and ([[gcod]]), [[Kalachakra]] or [[Jordrug]] ([[dus 'khor]] or ([[sbyor drug]]), and [[Orgyen Nyengyu]] ([[o rgyan bsnyen brgyud]]). For a collection of instructions and empowerments related to these eight chariots, see [[Damngag Dzo]].
#REDIRECT [[sgrub brgyud shing rta brgyad]]
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