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four bodies of [[a buddha]] ([[sku bzhi]]) - 1) {[[ngo bo nyid sku]]} Natural Truth Body. 2) {[[ye shes chos sku]]} Wisdom Truth Body. 3) {[[longs sku]]} Complete Enjoyment Body. 4) {[[sprul sku]]} Emanation Body; Four Bodies. Four Buddha-Bodies. The body of reality {[[chos sku]]}. or [[dharmakaya]], the body of perfect rapture {[[longs spyod rdzogs pa'i sku]]} or [[sambhogakaya]], the emanational body {[[sprul pa'i sku]]} or [[nirmanakaya]], and the body of their essentiality {[[ngo bo nyid kyi sku]]}. or [[svabhavikakaya]] [RY]
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