Four Tantras

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4 classes of tantra (bya ba'i rgyud, spyod pa'i rgyud, rnal 'byor rgyud, rnal 'byor bla na med pa'i rgyud) [JV]

Four sections of tantra. Kriya, Charya, Yoga Tantra, and Anuttara Yoga. four classes of tantra: bya rgyud, Kriya; spyod rgyud, Charya tantra; rnal 'byor rgyud, Yoga Tantra; rnal 'byor bla na med pa'i rgyud, Anuttara Yoga tantra. Kriya Tantra, Ubhaya or Charya Tantra, Yoga Tantra, and Unsurpassed Yoga Tantra. activity tantra, engagement tantra, yoga tantra, and highest yoga tantra [RY]

four classes/ sections of tantra [IW]