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'''Shakyadevi''' ([[sha kya de wi]]). The daughter of the Nepalese king [[Punyedhara]]. She is one of the [[five chief female disciples of Padmasambhava]]. Since her mother died during her birth, she was abandoned in a charnel ground and brought up by monkeys. Having been accepted as Padmasambhava's worthy companion, she was his consort for the practice of the nine divinities of [[Vishuddha]] in the [[Cave of Yanglesho]] where they displayed the manner of achieving the [[vidyadhara level of mahamudra]]. Shakyadevi attained the accomplishment of the female buddha [[Mamaki]] and finally achieved the [[indestructible rainbow body]].
([[gangs pa rmug sang]]), also ([[gangs pa rmug seng]]); student and lineage holder of [[Machik Labdrön]] ([[ma gcig lab sgron]]).
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(gangs pa rmug sang), also (gangs pa rmug seng); student and lineage holder of Machik Labdrön (ma gcig lab sgron).