International Buddhist Academy

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The International Buddhist Academy (IBA) was founded by Ven. Khenpo Appey Rinpoche, and was inaugurated officially in 2001. After the establishment of Sakya college (note 1) and extensive interaction with lay students, Rinpoche felt that there is a lack of proper facility and systematic instructions for lay students who wish to engage in comprehensive Buddhist studies. With the help of sponsors, friends and students, he started the construction of the IBA in 1994. On completion of the construction, the Academy started offering classes to international students since 2001.

In addition to providing teachings on the Buddha Dharma, the Academy also has various on-going projects, including the computerization of Tibetan scriptures, translation projects and publication. Thus far, IBA has published over 70 volumes of rare Tibetan Buddhist scriptures which were distributed to the various monastic institutions.

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