Khenpo Appey Rinpoche

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mkhan po a pad rin po che

Short Biography

Khenpo Appey Yönten Zangpo (mkhan po a pad yon tan bzang po): was born in Derge. He studied at Serjong Monastery and later at the Kham-jé shedra at Dzongsar Monastery. At the age of nine he became a monk at Serjong Monastery, where a year later he received his first teachings from Gapa Khenpo Jamgyal, also known as Khenpo Jamyang Gyaltsen. For nine years, from the age of 14 to 23, at Serjong Shedra, Khenpo Appey studied ‘the thirteen classical texts’ based on Khenpo Shenga’s famous annotation commentaries. During his last two years at the shedra he studied with Khenpo Dragyab Lodro who later became the fifth khenpo at Dzongsar Shedra and wrote a commentary on the ninth chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara. After his nine years of intensive study at Serjong Shedra, Khenpo Appey went to the shedra at Dzongsar Monastery, where he was able to continue his studies under Khenpo Dragyab Lodro for another year. He also studied with Dezhung Ajam Rinpoche.

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