Khenpo Kunpal

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mkhan po kun dpal
Khenchen Kunzang Palden
mkhan chen kun bzang dpal ldan

Gegong Khenchen Kunzang Palden; Khenpo Kunpal

Short Biography

Khenpo Kunzang Palden (mkhan po kun bzang dpal ldan c.1872-1943) was born in Dzachukha in East Tibet. He was one of Patrul Rinpoche's main students and his principal biographer, and was also an important student of Mipham Rinpoche and the author of a famous commentary to his Beacon of Certainty (nges shes sgron me). He is best known however for his commentary to the Bodhicharyavatara, based almost entirely on the teachings he received from Patrul Rinpoche. He was the first khenpo appointed to the shedra of Kathok Monastery, a position he passed on to Khenpo Ngawang Palzang, aka Khenpo Ngakchung.

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1| c.1870-c.1940 - Khenpo Kunzang Palden, a disciple of Paltrul Rinpoche [RY]
2| The Great Kathok Khenpo Kunzang Palden - (1870-1940), one of the most important heart-disciple of Dza Paltrul Rinpoche. Khenpo Kunpal as he is most often known, acted as attendant to Dza Paltrul for more than 20 years and is a every important author within the Ngagyur Nyingma.[BL]

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