Lachen Yonten Zung

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bla chen yon tan gzungs

Short biography

  • From the THDL's version: "Blue Annals English Translation Chapter 03", Pg.22
viii. yon tan gzungs (Chengdu 165, R 128)

bla ma chen po (the great teacher) yon tan gzungs was born in the year Fire-Male-Horse (me pho rta [R:129] —1126 A.D.).
He began has studies at the age of eleven. For thirteen years be was befriended by his uncle and studied thoroughly the Tantras, precepts and instructions in the Tantras of the three classes of the utpannakrama and sampannakrama degrees (bskyed rdzogs).
When he reached the age of twenty-four, his uncle rgya nag pa having died, he was nominated abbot. Slight doubts which remained (in his mind) were all removed after his studies under (his uncle’s) disciples ston shAk of dbus, zhig po of dbus and others.

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