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([[ma gcig lab sgron]]), the great female master who established the system of [[Chod]] ([[gcod]]) in Tibet, a system of practices based on [[Prajnaparamita]]. Consort and disciple of the Indian masters [[Phadampa Sangye]] ([[pha dam pa sangs rgyas]]) and [[Thöpa Bhadra]] ([[thod pa bha dra]]). Thöpa Bhadra was the father of her two sons and four daughters.
#REDIRECT:[[ma gcig lab sgron]]
[[ma gcig lab sgron]] - ''Machig Labdrön''. (1031-1129). The great female master who set down the [[Chö]] practice, cutting through [[ego-clinging]]. [[Disciple]] and [[consort]] of the Indian master [[Phadampa Sangye]]. Machig Labdrön means 'Only Mother Lamp of Dharma.' [RY]
*[[Machik's Complete Explanation: Clarifying the Meaning of Chod]] ([[Tsadra Foundation]]); Machik Labdron; Snow Lion Publications, 2003; ISBN 1559391820
* * [http://www.tibetinfor.com.cn/english/zt/TibetologyMagazine/..%5CTibetologyMagazine/200312005728151304.htm#2 Yogini Macik Labdron and the Formation of Chod Sect] - Section 2 of China Tibetology article: ''"Nuns of the unique Joyul (gcod-yul) Sect of Tibetan Buddhism"''
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